I particularly enjoyed presenting the show today… listening to a lot of Peter Michael Hamel’s music recently.  So one of his compositions for overdubbed electric organs (“Aura”) was featured today, along with a similar piece for piano and electric organ by Terry Riley.  This music touches on several traits mentioned in my first post (minimalist structure, strong tonal center, Eastern musical influences, immersive timbral qualities).

The first hour of the show was especially dreamy…electronic music with an almost choral quality — sometimes created from tape loops of actual voices (e.g. the piece from Brian Eno’s ‘Music for Airports’), sometimes just very reminiscent of (very slow) choral singing.

Here’s my playlist for Sunday August 8th:


8:00 AM  (starting w/ the program’s theme music):
Gustav Holst –“Neptune the Mystic” — The Planets — Deutsche Grammaphon
     (this version performed by the Berlin Philharmonic w/ Herbert van Karajan, cond.)
Brian Eno –“2/1” — Ambient 1: Music for Airports —  Editions EG
Kevin Braheny — “Perelandra” (excerpt from middle, ‘chorale’) — The Way Home — Hearts of Space
Steve Roach — “Sentient Breath” _and_ “Morning of Ages” — Sigh of Ages — Projekt
Kevin Braheny — “Perelandra” (conclusion) — The Way Home — Hearts of Space

~9:00 AM
Peter Michael Hamel — “Aura” — Hamel — Wah Wah (reissue)
Terry Riley — “Journey from the Death of a Friend” — Les Yeux Fermes & Lifespan — Elision Fields

~9:50 AM
Irina Mikhailova — “Pusto Mladost” — Fearless — Elefaria
Vas — “Mandara” — Feast of Silence — Narada World
New Jakarta Ensemble — “Flea Market” (~1st 3 min) — Commonality — Siam Records
Stellamara — “Baraka” — The Seven Valleys — Lucidity Music

~10:30 AM
Mickey Hart — “Elephant Walk” — Spirit Into Sound — Grateful Dead/Arista
Anawaty/Russell — “Blue Years Day (and Night)” — Monjour — Pi2 (Singapore)
Rush — “The Camera Eye” — Moving Pictures — Mercury

* voiceover music during breaks:
Deep Chill Network — “If Only” (part) — Dreams 4 — Dark Duck

Oh, BTW, I played the Rush song at the end in honor of their concert appearance at Shoreline Amphitheater on August 9 — they’re playing the Moving Pictures album in its entirety on this tour.  A classic album in rock music, to be sure.


Steve Davis